Paediatric E-Learning Course, EOI

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The eContinence Paediatrics course was written and developed by the International Children’s Continence Society, and is currently supported and offered by the Continence Foundation of Australia. This course provides knowledge to multi-disciplinary health professionals regarding the assessment and management of Childhood Bladder Bowel Dysfunction (CBBD) and incontinence. It is suggested that it requires 20-30 hours of online learning, however for pelvic health physiotherapists it is thought that less time would be required.

CFA PT SIG proposes to offer a physiotherapy specific course to build on eContinence Paediatrics, and, as such, eContinence Paediatrics would be a pre-requisite to entry.  This e-learning course is currently available to CFA members at half cost ($150) and we will negotiate further for those wishing to do both courses. 

A recent systematic review * found that physiotherapy (offered by physiotherapists) in children over 4 years, with functional bladder and bowel problems seems to be justified for all bladder dysfunctions (daytime urinary incontinence, enuresis, urgency and urinary tract infections) and bowel dysfunctions (constipation and faecal incontinence). Compared to standard medical care or urotherapy, significantly more children were cured from all bladder dysfunctions and constipation when receiving physiotherapy at 12 months.
There is a profound need to increase the physiotherapy workforce to meet the needs of children with continence issues, and it is planned to do so at minimal cost to the course participants.

The aims of this proposed course are as follows:
1. To upskill pelvic health physiotherapists to be competent in offering physiotherapy
modalities to children with BBD
2. To present in-depth knowledge to enable age-appropriate skilled assessment and enable
sound clinical reasoning.
REVIEW OF RANDOMISED CONTROLLED TRIALS (Archives Medical Research 2023). Marieke L
van Engelenburg – van Lonkhuyzen, Esther M.J. Bols, Janet Chase, Rob A. de Bie

CFA PT SIG – Online Paediatric Pelvic Health Physiotherapy eCourse Expression of Interest

Are you currently practicing in the field of Paediatric Continence and Pelvic Health Physiotherapy?
Would you be interested in participating in this online course?
Have you completed the pre-requisite e-Paediatric course offered by the CFA?